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Bennett, Colin

Colin Bennett is an internationally-recognized expert on ufology and extraterrestrial activity, and is the author of Politics of the Imagination, Looking for Orthon, and Flying Saucers over the White House. Though Colin Bennett’s physical health has declined in recent years due to an acute diabetic condition and a heart attack and he is now confined to a wheelchair, he keeps his mind young and fresh with new publications and articles. His recent publications include a comic novel, The Rumford Rogues (Headpress, England), contributions to Reality Uncovered (, including “Child Brides from Outer Space” and “Sleepless in Roswell,” and articles for the US-based UFO Magazine, including “Meme Wars: We Have an Agenda” (a Fortean essay in story technology), and “Putting the Noise Back into the System” ( a Postmodern Fortean analysis of consumerism, cargo-cult belief, and ufology), and “The Dream Life of Prototypes: Borges and MJ-12”.

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