COSIMO is a specialty publisher for independent authors, not-for-profit organizations, and innovative businesses, dedicated to publishing books and publications that inspire, inform, and engage readers around the world. Cosimo was inspired by Cosimo de Medici, the first of the de Medici dynasty, who ignited the most important cultural and artistic revolution in Western history - the Renaissance. This quest for enrichment is the foundation for the work that we do.
As a specialty publisher for independent authors, Cosimo can help you get published and reach readers around the world fast and effectively. Although we live in an era of abundance of ideas and information, getting published by a big publishing house is as difficult as ever. Often, one needs the services of a literary agent to get even considered. Midsized publishers are frequently overwhelmed by the number of new proposals and under pressure to select only the most profitable ones. There are ways to self-publish, but that takes more time and effort than even experienced authors can afford.

There is an alternative: if you are an expert in a special area, such as an instructor, academic, consultant, journalist, entrepreneur, or visionary with expertise in one of the following fields: socially responsible business and finance, economics and public affairs, and personal development, and you want to either publish a new book or make your out-of-print book available again, Cosimo offers the benefits of flexibility and speed of on-demand publishing with the quality associated with traditional publishing.

Simply click on the links below to begin our author application for either new manuscripts or reprints and be considered for publication. You can read more about our manuscript submission guidelines and tips for marketing your book from the links below.




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