Once your book is available for distribution, Cosimo's team of online and niche marketers will do several things to promote your book. But that's not enough! As an author, it's incredibly important that you do your part to promote your book as well. In our experience, the books that truly succeed do so when an author is actively promoting his or her book.

You should not only have a good idea of who your audience is, you should have an already-established relationship with them and a platform with which to communicate. Outlined below are the activities included in your contract that we will do to promote your book. Also included are optional extra services we provide for authors who want more extensive promotion or who need promotional materials but don't know where to start. Finally, there is a list of suggestions, tips, and tools you can use to promote your book. Good luck promoting your book!


International Online Bookstores

Cosimo will make your book available for purchase by individual readers at:

Whenever possible, your book will take part in online marketing initiatives offered by online bookstores, such as Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" program.

International Wholesalers, Bookstores, and Libraries

Cosimo sells your book to leading wholesalers in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. In addition, the leading wholesalers in the U.S. and Canada (i.e. Ingram and Baker & Taylor) and in the U.K. (i.e. Bertrams and Gardners) reach thousands of bookstores and libraries in those countries.

Availability through Espresso Book Machine

Your book will become part of the Espresso Book Machine (the "EBM"), a Time Magazine "Best Invention of 2007," which provides a revolutionary direct-to-consumer distribution and print model for books. This so-called "ATM of books" is being placed in a growing number of libraries and independent bookstores in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Visibility with Google Book Search

Our books are part of the "Google Book Search" program: this program enables online users to search the text of your book and directs them to online bookstores where they can buy your book. This program will increase your book's visibility, attract new readers, and positively influence book sales.

Cosimo's Website

We will present your book on Cosimo's website, and in our blog.

Press Release

We will create a press release announcing the publication of your book, distribute it over major wire services, and use it in approaching selected media. This release provides the media with specific information about your book and why it could be of interest to them. You will obtain a copy, which you can use in your own efforts approaching media or other parties interested in your book.

Niche Marketing

We will present your book for review, discussion, or other online presentation to selected book reviewers and media, book bloggers, and specialized websites dealing with your book's subject.

Linking to Each Other's Websites.

If you have a personal, business, or university website, we will link from our site to yours. Simply email your URL to  so we can add the link to our site. In turn, you could also link from your site to your book page on our site, so that visitors can find out more about it.
* Please note: your book will take advantage of the benefits of Cosimo's innovative on-demand publishing, such as never going out-of-print and continuous worldwide availability. Although bookstores will have the opportunity to order your books, this does not mean that your book will be automatically stocked in every bookstore.


Promotional Postcards

We offer attractive custom-made full-cover postcards featuring your book's cover, title, your name, and a short description of the book. You can use this card to inform your professional and media contacts, to invite people to your events, to increase awareness for your book with selected audiences, or for general promotional purposes.
Our Offer: 100/250/500 cards for resp. $199/299/349

Promotional Bookmarks

We offer attractive custom-made bookmarks featuring your book, title, your name and a short description. You can use this bookmark to include in your mailings, to distribute at events, or for general promotional purposes.
Our Offer: 100/250/500 bookmarks for resp. $224/299/349

Customized Sell Sheet

Our professional designers can prepare a sell sheet specifically for your book that you can use to help publicize your book at book events, or any other events you may organize.
Our Offer: downloadable sell sheet, including 20 color copies, for $249

Additional Review Copies

We will approach selected media outlets with a combination of press release and review copies for each of our new titles. If you would like us to send additional review copies to our selected media, we can do so in increments of 25 copies.
Our Offer: 25 review packages for $349

Online Book Review

A professional book reviewer will write a book review, which, upon your approval, will be posted at and, and submitted to additional multiple websites that publish reviews.
Our Offer: custom online book review for $299

Kirkus Discoveries Book Review

Although we approach book reviewers (per above), and also encourage you to use your own network to obtain book reviews, getting a book review is often an uncertain and lengthy process. In order to shorten the waiting period and enable your book to be reviewed by a leading book review publication, we offer a review service to Kirkus Discoveries: reviews will be posted to their website, which has a wide audience of librarians, agents, rights representatives, booksellers, and film and television producers. Reviews may also be included in their monthly eNewsletter. In addition, we encourage you to use positive reviews in your own promotions and marketing campaigns.
Our Offer: Kirkus book review for $495

Clarion Book Review

A professional review service is now offered by Clarion Review, part of Foreword Magazine, a leading book review magazine. In addition to being presented on their website, this review will be registered with the top three title information databases, used by booksellers and librarians: Bowker's Books-in-Print, Baker & Taylor's Titlesource 3, and Ingram's iPage. Again, we encourage you to use positive reviews in your own promotions and marketing campaigns.
Our Offer: Clarion book review for $395

Personal Book Publicist

When you are trying to make a decision about whether to hire a publicist or not, you should consider your goals for the book: Do you want to increase sales? Do you want to support your other (speaking/ teaching/ consulting/ business) activities? Do you want to get additional speaking engagements?

Although there are no guarantees when hiring a publicist, if your investment in a publicist is an investment in your big-picture goals, then it will probably make sense. There are many established and dedicated publicists around the country. Cosimo can make recommendations about publicists who might be most able to assist your goals.


Create a Website

If you don't already have a website, it would be a good idea to look into getting one. If you know anything about HTML coding and CSS, you may be able to create and maintain your own website. If not, there are companies and web designers that can create your website for you for a fee. One great service where you can create your own website (in HTML or Flash) using a template is Whichever method you choose, having a website can be the single most beneficial way to gain fans and boost your credibility. You can hold contests, share extra valuable content, send out newsletters, and blog from a website. Additionally, keep in mind that the site should be centered around you as an author and not necessarily around your book.


If you're new to social networking and the internet, opening a Twitter account can help you get accustomed to the online world without worrying about fees, walls, photos, or account maintenance. Just sign up and start tweeting in 140-character increments! There are oodles of books available on Twitter for Beginners as well as more experienced users. Not only can you use it as a means to gather new fans, you can find others with similar interests and network with those in your field. You can start by following US at @cosimobooks.


Facebook is essential. It has more than 750 million users from 190 different countries. If you want a way to connect with people who already know you that might be interested in your book, this is it.It can also be used as a valuable marketing tool for your book.

Write a Blog

If you have a website, the next step is to create a blog. In some cases, your blog can be your website as long as you provide information about yourself, your book, and how you can be reached, either online or in person. If you already own a website, you can connect a blog to it. If you already have both a blog and a website, in different locations, you should connect them. Finally if you've already done all that, you should concentrate on trying to blog at least once a week. Every post doesn't have to plug your book (this goes double for your interactions on Facebook and Twitter). You can talk about current events, subjects that interest you, things you are working on - anything that will get your readers and increase your visibility online. Remember, a blog is your place to let others learn about you and your thoughts: it's your online platform!

Amazon Author Central

Amazon recently updated their author pages (now Author Central) to be more user-friendly and to increase visibility of authors and books on search engines. Through, you can create an Amazon Author Central profile, add all your books to the page so that they can easily be seen and bought with the click of a button, and link to your blog, website, and social networks (which can also update automatically on Amazon through RSS feed). In addition, the creation of this profile will increase your visibility on search engines like Google, making it easier for people in your target audience to find your books.

Commission Reviews

Have your friends and acquaintances read and review your book, especially on Amazon. For your author friends, you could even do a review exchange!

Network Online

Don't underestimate the importance of linking to others' blogs and commenting on their work. If you engage actively with bloggers and professionals in your field, they will return the favor and write a review for your book on their site, on Amazon, or let you post a guest blog. Network!

Humanize Yourself

Make yourself and your book seem more approachable by showing up frequently in social media. Write articles, offer comments to people in your platform, give tips, and in general be friendly and active and available for advice. This will make you seem more "human" and show that the material you have to offer is truly valuable.

Host an Event

Once you have a platform of people who are dedicated to the work you do or the books you write, you can host an author event, or any event centered on you and your work. In some cases, your book might not be the spotlight, but you can always bring it along and make it available for sale. The key here is to bring copies of your book or promotional materials at any conferences or speaking events you may host or participate in.

Attend Conferences in Your Field

Almost all professional fields host some sort of conference or networking event each year (and in some cases, more than that). Attending these conferences is a great chance to meet others in your field and make new connections. Of course, if you do attend, don't forget to bring along some copies of your book or a sell sheet so you can show them what your book is about!

Give Thanks

You should always thank everyone who was involved in working on your book with a copy of the book and a letter. You should also thank them publicly, online, in as many venues as you and they are active. This shows that their contributions were helpful and meaningful, and it shows fans that you care.


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